Exploring with the Experts 

53 Degrees North is one of Ireland's leading outdoor adventure stores catering for Ireland’s outdoor explorers. With three stores, 53 Degrees North rely heavily on their eCommerce channel to service Outdoor Explorers all over Ireland. 

Our objective was to elevate the 53 Degrees North brand across all social media and grow their eCommerce channels. Through a combination of real-time marketing, aspirational social content and expert advice and partnerships with industry leaders, eCommerce has become a vital avenue for generating revenue, elevating the business from three brick and mortar stores to a national leader in outdoor and adventure equipment.


Connection, Communication & Conversion

The social strategy was built in three tiers; Connection, Communication and Conversion. Mapping these tiers to a traditional sales funnel the business understood the necessity to build meaningful relationships online. This approach allowed the business to increase brand awareness and brand advocacy.

The strategy shifted in mid-2017 to re-engage the current fanbase and showcase the brand story, expertise, products and lifestyle surrounding adventure in Ireland. Over a 6 month period the awareness of the business broadened and resulted in 3,200,000 impressions, 62,400 engagements and a 12.8% increase in fan-growth.

Being available for guidance, expertise and recommendations has always been an integral part of the brand. Messaging surrounding products, events and promotions was adapted to be more concise, appealing to those more familiar with the brand. 
By implementing varied ad formats the brand were able to present their range and offering to over 2,500,000 relevant users with over 63,000 users taking action as a result.

The conversion stage of our strategy relied on the combination of advertising and the newly built website to drive the final sale. Generating more than 45,800 clicks at a €0.14 CPC, and a 3.9% CTR with an average increase of +11.2% in revenue in December and January and +27% in February.

Divide & Conquer

A willingness to explore and be adventurous with advertising and content formats is what separates 53 Degrees North from the competition. This innovation combined with well defined audiences and targeting ranging from user databases to in-store visitors to interests and behaviours, resulted in 53 Degrees north being able to present content to more than 2.5M users in Ireland over 3.6M times.

After split testing content, brands and creative over a 3-month period, there was a clearly defined pathway to success with the dark advertising. Promoting the most popular brands to the Irish market, these ads generated 46,000 website clicks and encouraged in-store visits to generate sales. This reflected positively throughout December, January and February with an increase in online revenue.


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