Monthly Update - July 2018

Social Media Tips from the Team

Facebook Messenger Bots

2018 is quickly becoming known as the "Year of the Bots" with brands using Facebook Messenger Bots as a primary customer service tool. Gartner has predicted that 25% of customer interactions will be completed by bots by 2020 and Irish brands are following suit. We're currently building Messenger Bots for some of our clients, so if you'd like a chat about adding a Messenger Bot to your page let us know! 


Instagram joins the Billionaire Club

You may have read that Instagram has recently broken the 1 Billion users mark further extending the Facebook Universe. Another announcement from the Instagram camp was the launch of IGTV or Instagram TV. IGTV is a forum for sharing long-form video of up to one hour in length which demonstrates Facebook's rival offering to Google's YouTube.

Team News

I'm extremely proud to share the news that Leading Social has won two Social Media Awards at last month's Sockies! The awards were:

  • Best Facebook Page by an Agency for Apache Pizza
  • Best E-Commerce Strategy for 53 Degrees North

Awards are an interesting element of agency life as campaigns and creative are so subjective. What I do love about them is the galvanising effect it has on a team. When designing strategies we ask ourselves, "How can we achieve our objectives and go the extra mile to make this award-winning work? What makes this campaign special?" So I'd like to say a big thank you to our clients for trusting us with their brands and allowing us to push the envelope to create award-winning work.


Client News

Are you the outdoorsy type? Then you need to pick up tickets to 53 Degrees North's Adventure Festival on August 4th and 5th! It's a weekend of kayaking, archery, fat-biking, nature talks and axe-throwing in the beautiful surroundings of Blessington Lakes. 

Shiny New Website

We're very proud of our brand new website that was designed and built by our extremely talented UX Designer Sean. Of course, if you'd like Sean to review your site from a UX perspective he would be only too happy to have a look.

Back to School Campaigns

It's the words you dreaded to hear during your summer as a kid but for marketers, it's a peak in the calendar year. We're currently planning our Back to School campaigns so if you'd like input on your marketing efforts this September do drop in for a coffee and we'll share our thoughts. 

That's all of our news for now but I'll write again next month with more news from the social media frontier.