Social Media Tips that will Feed your Healthy Food Brand in 2019

New Year’s is a notorious time of the year for people to start their new diet and workout plans.

Gyms often look like this:


Gym owners and personal trainers look like:


Whether you’re selling protein, healthy snacks, personal training services, or gym memberships, New Year’s is a win-win for everyone. People want to get healthy and you provide the means to achieve their goals. In this article, I’ll briefly be going over a couple of ways you can step up your social media game to maximise ROI on digital campaigns for 2019.

The Facebook Pixel

One of the first things we do with our clients is install a Facebook Pixel on their website. A Facebook Pixel is essentially a piece of code that tracks your website traffic visitors. This data allows you to retarget those users with Facebook ads in the future as well as seeing what they’re doing on your website for example; completing registration, adding an item to cart, adding payment information and finally, purchase. This data is imperative to e-commerce businesses, as it gives you important insight on your customer's behaviour.

Targeted & Retargeted Ads

You’ve installed a Facebook Pixel on your website, now what? Along with your creative and engaging posts, running targeted and retargeted ads are imperative to your digital campaign (especially if you’re selling online). Targeted ads allow you to serve ads to specific audiences, based on their demographics, location, and previous buying habits. With the help of the Facebook Pixel, you can then retarget the users that have clicked on your website with ads that contain the healthy products or services that they’re interested in. Retargeted ads serve as a reminder for the user to go back and check-out what they left in their baskets on your website.

Instagram Story Ads

If you’re not already on Instagram, stop what you’re doing, and make an account right now. For those of you ahead of the curve, try implementing Instagram story ads. Videos can be up to 15 seconds and photos can stay on the screen for up to 5 seconds. Instagram story ads get up to 4 times the amount of engagement than a regular post. With impressive targeting capabilities and click through rate, Instagram has a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of approximately €5.90. This is a great tool to engage with and remind your customers to buy your healthy products in the new year!

Facebook Messenger Bots

With over 1.3 billion users and over 300,000 active bots, Facebook Messenger marketing is the top marketing trend for 2019. From our own campaigns, we've seen Instagram stories receive 4 times the number of impressions compared to page posts, and Facebook Messenger has high click-through rates topping 80%, as opposed to 33% for traditional email marketing.

Whether it's a personal or business progression, the new year is for setting out new goals and challenging yourself.

Before heading away for Christmas break, what are your marketing resolutions for 2019?