Leading the Health Drink Revolution 

Most sports drinks are packed with sugar, so taking a sports drink to the gym is like bringing a bottle of sand on a desert trek, it kind of defeats the purpose. VITHIT offers all the benefits of a sports drink, with none of the bad stuff.

While VITHIT had begun to establish itself in the Irish marketplace they now aimed to bring their healthy alternative to an international audience. One of our main challenges in promoting VITHIT to an international market was the misconception of vitamin drinks due to misleading practices by similar brands beforehand. 

It was our aim to to reach the target demographic, showcase the many benefits of VITHIT and create a lasting impression on customers in numerous countries around the world.


Rewriting the narrative

While researching the target demographics idea of vitamin drinks, we found that many were under the misconception that all vitamin drinks were unhealthy and packed with sugar. With this in mind we created content that showcased VITHIT as the Health Hero it is and positioned it against sugar, the enemy.

Alongside this approach, we shone light on the many benefits of VITHIT, targeted consumption occasions and aligned VITHIT with the idea of a healthy lifestyle.

We realised when targeting a unique demographic in a new country it is important to generate mass exposure. With this in mind we created custom content for several social platforms to push a unified message of the health benefits of VITHIT. During this process we discovered the exposure potential of Instagram stories and it’s high affinity with our target demographics. 

All this resulted in the positive growth of VITHIT on an international level.

A universal reaction

Since April 2018, VITHIT have served 3 million impressions to their target demographic at home and in international markets such as the UK, Belgium, Iceland and Estonia.

With a focus on value adding content and the aim to rewrite the narrative of vitamin drinks this has lead to an impressive 233% increase in brand exposure in a short period of time.


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